A how to guide on how to gather together safely and remotely today with family and friends during the holidays or any time

For most people, 2020 is a year of change. Remote work, social distancing and more have challenged people to find new ways to connect with each other. Fortunately, humans are resilient and their spirit for finding innovative ways to connect is alive and well.

Even as the country reopens, many…

Here’s great food suggestions to combat cool days with comforting dishes

From filling dinners to favorite desserts, comfort foods can bring smiles to friendly faces. As temperatures drop, lean on recipes that add flavor and bring warming scents to your kitchen.

Loaded with comforting ingredients like READ German Potato Salad, this Cheesy German Potato Soup can appease appetites with tantalizing taste…

Expert advice from an endocrinologist on what you need to know to prepare for a low blood sugar emergency

When Alejandra Marquez was 12 years old, she suddenly started to scream during an otherwise typical Sunday church service. There was a loud buzzing that only she could hear, and she soon began to have trouble standing.

“It sounded like a mosquito loudly humming in my ear,” Marquez said. …

Demystifying the myths associated with addictions

Overcoming the stigma of addiction is key to treatment. Here’s expert advice on how we should view addiction and help anyone struggling with an addiction to seek help to overcome it.

Addiction is a chronic but treatable medical condition. Often unintentionally, many people still talk about addiction in ways that are stigmatizing-meaning they use words that can portray someone with a substance use disorder in a shameful way, which may discourage them from seeking treatment. To reduce harmful stigma and negativity…

Eat Tasty, Healthy Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Here’s expert advice from a dietitian on surprising foods that will fuel your immunity to strengthen your immunity while eating well

Cold and flu season, combined with an ongoing pandemic, is motivating many Americans to do everything possible to support immune health. Fortunately, simple lifestyle habits, like a healthy diet, can make a big difference in strengthening the body’s defense system. But what foods are best — and why?

When it…

A How To Guide for Better Sleep

Advice from a sleep health expert on simple steps you can take to improve your mental health with a better night’s sleep every night, no matter your stress level

For some, the holidays may be the happiest season of all, but for others the hectic pace and endless to-do lists can take a real toll on their mental health. This year, the impact is heightened by a global health pandemic.

According to a survey from Mattress Firm, more than…

Here’s advice from the experts on simple ways to make your home more eco-friendly

An earth-friendly approach to your home isn’t just good for the environment. Making minor adjustments with sustainability in mind can enhance your enjoyment and comfort while reducing expenses related to energy consumption.

Harness the Sun’s Rays

There’s a reason bright rooms with plenty of natural light tend to be warmer: that light carries heat…

5 ways family travel has changed over the last 25 years

While 2020 has brought some definite and dramatic changes to the way people travel, there have actually been numerous changes in the travel industry throughout the course of the last 25 years.

Travelers have become increasingly savvy, thanks to technology that allows them to thoroughly research their destinations and plan…

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